If you can walk there, ride your horse, take your ATV or drive your truck there, Cheetah will be alongside you, with little effort and maximum results.

The Cheetah quickly eliminates burrowing rodents…squirrels, prairie dogs, groundhogs, pocket gophers and other burrowing animals

The Cheetah rodent control machine quickly kills burrowing rodents by capturing carbon monoxide produced by a self-contained two-cycle gasoline engine and blowing the fumigant, under low pressure, into rodent tunnels, asphyxiating the pests. The fast acting CO will quickly fill a large burrow system. Four minutes for squirrels and seven minutes for prairie dogs and groundhogs.

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The Cheetah can be found in the USA, Canada, England, Italy and Australia.

Ranchers, growers, municipalities, city parks, cemeteries, wineries, and many others are finding the Cheetah invaluable in eliminating burrowing rodents.

The Cheetah is a top choice by our customers to handle rodent control problems on all types of terrain.  Simple design, ease of use and high reliability makes the Cheetah a must have machine for anyone looking to knock down a burrowing rodent problem.

A one year warranty covers everything except the air filters. We ship extra filters with your new machine.

The first thing owner, and inventor, Dana Shaw wanted to say was,“After seven great years serving our customers we’d like to thank all of you for your support and for spreading the word about the Cheetah.  We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard ‘We love our Cheetah!’, and we couldn’t be more grateful”.

Unique patented air  mixer system

Allows carbon monoxide to be pumped into rodent tunnels at over a foot per second. This is twice as fast than just using the back pressure from a gasoline engine. No one else has this time saving design.

  No Poisons, Explosives, or Chemicals    

Light weight and portable the Cheetah is very safe and easy to use, weighing only 16 pounds and quiet at 68 decibels. The Cheetah produces over 25,000 ppm of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is not harmful to root systems. The Cheetah has a long service life, and is built tough to handle rigorous use.  


Prairie Dogs

Pocket Gpohers